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Mahalo Virtual Tiki Partygoers

I wanted to give a great big mahalo to all of you that attended our first Virtual Tiki Party!  I had an excellent time meeting all of you and chatting with you.  The Tiki Community is such a great group of people. I feel so lucky to be a part of it.  Thank you for bearing with me as I figured out the technology for the first time.  I have some great ideas on how to make it more interactive so it is even better next time.  If you attended I would love to get your feedback, positive or constructive criticism, so I know how I can improve.  Stay tuned for the next Virtual Tiki Party!



Reader Comments (1)

I was there... from the Iki Pohaku Chapter of the International Society of Tiki... in Little Rock, Arkansas. I thought it was a real swingin' bash!! It ended up being more interactive when you guys loosened up a bit! Hah! Two other members of our tribe showed up... so Iki Pohaku was well represented, considering.

Enjoyed meeting you, Sand Dollar! You guys had some great shirts on and the leis... you didn't miss a thing!! Virtual being there is way better than not being there!! Maybe some more tikified music... or some Rockabilly... oh, and Hawaiian pizza next time! Looking forward to the next one!

Jeannie Wahini
Little Rock, AR

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