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Mysterious Carving Found Inside Tree

I received an email the other day from a man in Nevada who is a tree trimmer.  He was cutting down an old tree; when he looked inside a knothole he saw a face.  So he carefully cut the tree down and removed the piece from the tree.  Inside was a wooden carving that stood 12" high, 6" wide, and 5" thick.  It wasn't carved into the tree. It was a stand along carving that was inside. The tree trimmer estimates that the tree must be 80 to 120 years old based on its size.  He figures that the tree somehow grew around this wooden statue.  He is calling on the Tiki Community to now identify what the carving is and how old it might be.  The picture in the post is a picture of what he found.  You can click on it for a bigger image.  If anyone has any information you can contact us here, or put a comment on the post.


Crazy Al The Tiki Carver

You've gotta love Crazy Al and his tiki carving abilities.