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How to Make Rum Punch Cupcakes


Let's Tiki is now one year old!  I can't believe how fast the first year has gone. I've had such a great time meeting all the great people in the tiki community and look forward to many more years and many more new friends.


Every birthday needs a cake. When I saw these cupcakes I knew right away they would be perfect.  The cake itself has the perfect amount of sweetness.  The dark rum makes a great addition, but isn't too overpowering.  The rum is also perfectly balanced with the vanilla.

I used coruba rum for the cake and the glaze. Coruba is becoming my new favorite dark rum.  I had used Meyers for years, but Coruba isn't quite as harsh as Meyers.  It has more of a molasses flavor that is very enjoyable.  When cooking with wine I was always taught to use a wine that you would drink. The same holds true when cooking with rum.  A good rum will make your recipe so much better.

The cake is then complemented nicely with the freshly whipped cream frosting.  The pineapple and the cream is genius.  I just couldn't stop eating these cupcakes, and I'm normally not a big cake eater.

So make up a batch of these cupcakes for your next party.  They will be a hit!  For the complete recipe visit




Recipe Review: Cuba Libre Brownies

Since a rum and cola is one of my favorite drinks I was really excited when I came across this recipe for Cuba Libre Brownies on What could be better than rum, cola, and chocolate?  I made a batch of the brownies this weekend and they were amazing.  

The recipe starts off as a pretty standard brownie recipe.  However, the addition of Cola, and rum in the batter really give the brownies a distinct flavor.  The rum and chocolate go very well together.  

I choose to use Bacardi Select for my batch.  I really don't like Bacardi Select. It has a very sharp alcohol flavor and leaves a very strong burn in your mouth.  It is a darker rum and does have a hint of caramel, molasses, and just barely an oaky flavor.  If you'd like to learn more about Bacardi Select check out this review.  I have a very similar opinion to the one on  I used the Bacardi Select, because I'm looking to get rid of the bottle I've had for a while now, and I thought maybe baking the rum would burn off the sharp alcohol flavor.  The Bacardi Select actually worked out great. In combination with the cola it added a molasses and carmel flavor to the brownies, and added a good rum flavor that wasn't overpowering. 

The frosting had a much stronger flavor of rum since that wasn't cooked, but it still was a good addition to the brownies.  I was a little Leery about adding the lime zest on top so I only put the zest of one lime on top instead of two.  It looked a little funny, and didn't add much. So next time I'll probably follow the recipe and put the zest of two limes on top.

Overall the Cuba Libre Brownies were  a hit and everyone seemed to enjoy them at my party. If you aren't a rum fan you probably won't like them. However, with a different rum, besides Bacardi Select, they may have a more subtle rum flavor. 

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