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Red Robin Mai Tai... Meh

Red Robin Mai TaiAs Let's Tiki, I feel it is my duty to sample the world's Mai Tais whenever I come across them.  Even, when better judgement says not to.  You just never know; a good Mai Tai could be found at a very unexpected location.  So, when I was at Red Robin this week the bartender put a drink menu in front of me and the first thing I saw was their Mai Tai.  So I ordered one so I could report back to all of you.  

The Red Robin Mai Tai was cute looking.  They poured a lot of Grenadine in the bottom of the glass to give it a cute smile and floated some dark rum at the top to give the little Mai Tai man a hat.  Unfortunately, the cute look was the best part of the Mai Tai.  It was very sweet, weak and just tasted a lot like pineapple juice and Grenadine.  So, as I suspected I don't need to ever have one of those again.  At least the Mai Tai was cute looking.  I realize they need to cater to a main stream audience.  Oh well.

I had the Burnin' Love Burger for dinner. That was pretty good.  It was a cayenne pepper seasoned beef patty with fried jalapeno rings, salsa, pepper jack cheese, and Chipotle Mayo. So if you are at Red Robin and you like a little spice give the Burnin' Love Burger a try.   Don't worry it isn't super spicy.


Tiki Bar Review: Tiki Terrace

Tiki Terrace Dining RoomLast week I visited the Tiki Terrace in Des Plaines, IL.  Des Plaines is just  a short drive from downtown Chicago.  I went there for lunch on new year's eve.  From the outside I would have never guessed what waited for me inside.  The Tiki Terrace was adorned from floor to ceiling.  It felt like I had just stepped into a tropical tiki jungle.  Come to find out later from our waitress that the owners, three brothers, had hand carved and created the many Tikis throughout the restaurant.

Arriving late, we got a table and our waitress, Diana, told us that the kitchen would only be open for a few more minutes, but they were nice enough to stay open to make us lunch still.  To start out I had a Mai Tai.  The Mai Tai wasn't your traditional Trader Vic style Mai Tai, but it was still very good.  It was sweet with an orange flavor, and you could also taste dark rum, and Orgeat Syrup.

Tiki Terrace Mai TaiAfter the Mai Tai I had a Tropical Itch.  The Tropical Itch had a Cherry, Pineapple, Rum flavor and was quite delicious as well.  My third drink was a Vanilla Ginger Martini.  The drink menu says they make their own vanilla bean and ginger flavoring every week.  I really enjoyed the Ginger Martini it had a perfect balance of ginger and vanilla.  I would definitely recommend this martini.

For lunch we started with the Pohana Pot Stickers and the Egg Rolls Bora Bora.  The pot stickers were good.  They had a delicious shrimp, pork filling.  However, I loved the Egg Rolls Bora Bora.  These made from scratch egg rolls had a very thin crispy shell that was excellent, and the filling was very meaty and tasty.  These could be the best egg rolls I've ever had.

I had the Honolulu Coconut Chicken for my main course.  It was an enormous portion of crispy, coconuty, deliciousness. We also tried the No Ka Oi Burger which was a Teriyaki glazed burger with pineapple and wasabi mayo on top.  It was very good, but a bit on the greasy side.

Egg Rolls Bora BoraI had a great time at the Tiki Terrace and can't wait to get back sometime for dinner.  They also have a dinner show that I want to see sometime. Our waitress Diana was very friendly. We talked to her for a while and she gave me some tips on some other great Tiki locations in the area.


Tiki Bar Review: Trader Vic's Scottsdale

Trader Vic's Scottsdale is definitely I trip I want to make someday.  CullinaryZen has a great video review of Trader Vic's in Scottsdale, Arizona.



Tiki Bar Review: Psycho Suzi's

Psycho Suzi's MinneapolisSo I had the opportunity to visit Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge, in Minneapolis, on Saturday.  Immediately upon entering I was surrounded by classic Tiki Bar adornments including bamboo, grass mats, Tikis, and dim red lighting.  With wooden paneling, retro booths, and a Schmidt Beer sign there was also a bit of timeless mid-western retro mixed in ; This made for a fun combination.  There were some fun Halloween decorations up too. In the back of the dining area a nice Tiki Mug collection lined the wall.  I immediately felt at home.

Psycho Suzi's classifies their drinks in three categories. Feeble, standard, and strong.  I first ordered a Walking Dead.  The Walking Dead had a very sweet pineapple flavor. It was delicious, but almost a little too sweet.  If you are looking for a drink that hides its alcohol well try this one.

The Paralyzed Polynesian and The Walking DeadNext, up was the Paralyzed Polynesian.  This one was classified as strong, and it lived up to that rating.  It had a delicious rum and fruit flavor.  It wasn't overly sweet like the Walking Dead.  I really enjoyed this one. Two, drinks weren't enough so I sampled the Fu Manchu next.  The Fu Manchu was a coconut flavored rum drink, and was quite delicious. The final drink I sampled was one of the specials of the evening.  It was called Running With The Devil. This was a delicious change of pace to your standard rum drink.  It tasted like a cinnamon roll.  The combination was great. I'd definitely recommended you try Walking With The Devil sometime.

I also had some of Psycho Suzi's food to go with my tiki drinks.  I started with the Backfire Dip which was an artichoke and jalapeño dip, and it was served with toasted bread. The dip was amazing.  The heat of the jalapeños blended really well with the cheese and artichokes.  It was served hot and bubbly.  Yum! It was so delicious! I also had the Paradise City pizza which was similar to a Hawaiian Pizza, with ham and and pineapple, but it also had rum soaked Raisins.  The rum soaked raisins worked great with the ham and pineapple. It was a pizza that I couldn't stop eating.

Backfire DipTo add to my personal Tiki Mug Collection, I purchased the Fu Manchu mug and the Psycho Suzi glass that the Walking With The Devil came in.  The waitress wrapped different glasses since we were still drinking.  When I got home and unwrapped the Psycho Suzi Glass I was a little disappointed to find the glass was dirty, and it had a big chip out of the bottom.  If I'm going to have sticky lip marks on a glass I'd prefer them to be my own.  I'm just saying...

Overall, Psycho Suzi's was a great Tiki experience.  Great food, great drinks, and a great atmosphere.  They will be moving to a new location in a couple weeks. I can't wait to get back and check the new place out.


Have you been to Psycho Suzi's? Let me know what you think.



Mai Tai Monday: Notes from The Kona Coast

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