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New Tiki Bar & Club in Brighton

Lola Lo is the newest Tiki Bar to hit the UK.  They opened their doors in Brighton on July 1st.  According to a recent Twitter post Lola Lo will be open this Friday at 5:00 PM and will be offering half price cocktails until 10:00 PM.  

Their drink menu includes many of the Tiki standards such as the Mai Tai, Singapore Sling, Zombie, and Blue Lagoon.  They also offer up some Tiki bowls including their, "Easter Island Surprise", which sounds delicious.  The full menu can be found on their website  Also, on their website are pictures of Lola Lo's.  It looks like a nice mix of modern and classic Tiki.  I sure hope to check this place out in person someday. If you get there I'd love to hear about it.  Post a comment below or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter. Mahalo!


Top Ten Tiki Places - Part Two

We are continuing the list of Top Ten Tiki Places as voted by the users of If you missed part one you can find it here.  Grab your Mai Tai and enjoy!

6. Hala Kahiki, River Grove, IL


Hala Kahiki opened in 1966 and is a classic Tiki Bar in the suburbs.

7. Thatch, Portland, OR

Thatch Tiki Bar is a new tiki bar that opened in 2007.  Some of its decor came from older Tiki bars that have closed.

8. Frankie's Tiki Room, Las Vegas, NV

Frankie's opened in 2008, and is open 24 hours a day. They have a great decor and a juke box filled with Surf and Exotica.

9. Trader Vic's Atlanta

Trader Vic's Atlanta is one of the only Trader Vic's that hasn't been renovated and still has its original charm.  

10. Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, Alameda, CA

 Forbidden Island is a newer Tiki bar but has the look and feel of a classic Tiki bar.  It even has some artifacts from Tiki bars of yesterday.



Top Ten Tiki Places

Wether you are trying to find Tiki near you or plan to hit up some Tiki spots on your next trip is the place to go. At you'll find a comprehensive list of tiki locations.  Here are the top 10 Tiki locations as rated by users.

1. The Field Museum, Chicago, IL

The Field Museum has an extensive collection of pacific artifacts including a Maori Meeting House.

2. Oceanic Arts, Whittier, CA

Oceanic Arts has been a leading supplier of tropical decor since 1956.  From your home Tiki bar to Theme Parks, and Movies Oceanic Arts is a popular supplier.  They have been behind the decor of many great Tiki places around the world. Oceanic Arts is open to the public.

3. The Enchanted Tiki Room, Anaheim, CA

 The Enchanted Tiki Room opened June, 23rd, 1963, and has been a favorite of many Disneyland visitors ever since.  

4. Smuggler's Cove, San Francisco, CA

Since it's opening in 2009. Smuggler's Cove has quickly become a "must do" for all Tiki Bar fans. Smuggler's cover has over 200 rums and more than 75 cocktails.

5. Mai-Kai, Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Mai-Kai is one of the longest running Tiki Bars. It opened December, 28th, 1956. The Mai-Kai invented the Mystery Drink, which was served by a silent dancer, and the Derby  Daiquiri.

Check back Tomorrow for part two of the Top Ten Tiki Places


Seawitch Café Tiki Bar Set to Re-Open August 6th

wect.comAccording to The Tiki Bar at The Seawitch Café was severely damaged from a fire in May.  Since the fire work has been done to re-open the tiki bar with a sports beach theme.  The re-opening is set for August 6th and there will be a three day music festival at the tiki bar to celebrate. More...


Slice of Paradise Coming to Evanville, Ohio

Marine Pointe in Evansville, Ohio is getting a slice of paradise with a tiki bar and open air pizza restaurant. The decor will include murals with beach scenes, palm trees, and sunsets. More from